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You can't have a site dedicated to special service, and non-traditional police vehicles, and not mention the Catoosa County Sheriff Trans Am.

The infamous Sheriff J. D. Stewart of Catoosa County Georgia used Pontiac Trans Am's at the end of the 1970′s. Sheriff Stewart was a man that appreciated and understood the importance of a quick patrol car. After leaving the Navy in 1946, he spent 10-1/2 years patrolling the highways of Georgia as a Georgia State Trooper. He went on to become the Sheriff of Catoosa County at a time when he had to provide his own vehicle.

Sheriff Stewart served his career in a time when you chased people hauling illegal alcohol, and those cars were fast. The Stewart found himself chasing down people with a 1964 Pontiac GTO (such as legend Junior Johnson), and when the time would come for another fast patrol car, the Sheriff would turn to Pontiac to find it.

When Sheriff Stewart went to the heads of Pontiac to get a Police Package Lemans, they offered him a deal on the Trans Am instead.

The Sheriff purchased the Trans Am's for $5,200 each. It's unclear if the sheriff purchased 6 or 8 Trans Am's in 1978, but purchased 4 more in 1979. These cars were all white with red interiors, and did not have the bird decals on the hood. The cars were non-air conditioned W72 400 cid 4-speed cars, and were equipped with a radio, siren, and blue dash light.

Nobody knows whatever happened to these cars. None are known to exist, but they would make for an interesting collectible if they did.

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