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Georgia State Patrol SSP Mustangs - Emergency Lighting



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Emergency Lighting:


When the Georgia State Patrol bought (10) Mustangs in 1983, they ran them as slicktops with Par 36 flashing lights under the front bumper. These vehicles were more than likely equipped with dash lights, but there isn't any information available at this time. This was also the only year that the Mustangs had orange lettering.


The Georgia State Patrol used Whelen Edge strobe lightbars on their SSP Mustangs as shown above.

Rear Deck Lighting:

The 1987-1991 Mustangs had a round blue lights on each side of the third brake light in the rear window.


These vehicles were not equipped with spotlights.

Wig-Wag Headlights:

Use is unknown.

Color Notes:

In 1987, the Georgia State Patrol changed body colors and lettering, and switched from blue and silver (with orange lettering) to blue and dove gray (with silver/gray lettering). In 2008 they took a survey (vote) of all GSP Troopers and personnel, and made the decision to go back to the Orange Lettering. However, due to budgetary constraints, the GSP is no longer getting blue and dove gray cars, but mostly solid color dark cars, and then lettering them with the Orange Lettering.


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