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Emergency Lighting - Special Service Package Ford Mustangs

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Agency Lightbar Grill Lights Dash / Windshield Lights Rear Deck Lights Miscellaneous

Alabama Highway Patrol

Blue Jetsonic lightbar

None None None Chrome drivers spotlight

Only had cars in 1988

California Highway Patrol

Federal Signal Vision Bars

(Used on some 92-93 Mustangs. Deck lights not used with lightbars)


Red halogen windshield light

PAR 46 deck lights (1982-1983 were just the red and amber. The blue was added in 1984)

Federal Signal halogen Signal Master directional arrow used with Signal Master SM2 deck lights (below). (1992-1993)

Federal Signal Halogen Signal Masters (1992-1993). Replaced the PAR 46 lights.

CHP used a 2-wire spotlight (more..)

Florida Highway Patrol

Blue Jetsonic Lightbar

Blue Vector Lightbar


Blue pancake style halogen dash light on some vehicles

Whelen Dashmaster Strobe (1989-1993)

Blue Federal Signal (Tomar style) Strobes (1992-1993)

Chrome driver side spotlight.

FHP did not typically install headlight flashers.

Georgia State Patrol

Blue Whelen Edge strobe bar. 'TROOPER" written on back and front



Blue round deck lights (make unknown)

Cars were not equipped with spotlights.

Idaho State Police



Blue Whelen Responder halogen dash light

Amber Sho-Me grill/deck lights (chrome housing)

Cars had a single chrome spotlight.

Kentucky State Police



Blue Whelen grill strobes (1985 cars)

Whelen blue strobe tubes in turn signals (1990 cars)



Blue Whelen PAR 36 Strobes (1990 cars)

Whelen Dashmaster Strobe (1985 cars)

Cars were not equipped with spotlights.

Louisiana State Police



Blue pancake style halogen dash light on 1989 cars

Whelen Dashmaster mounted to the headliner on 1993 cars

Whelen Dashmaster on rear deck of 1993 cars


4x6 rectangular Unity spotlight with black housing on 1989 cars.

Round chrome driver side spotlight on 1993 cars

Michigan State Police


Red Whelen grill strobes


Red Unity S6 lights with black housings (1989 cars)

Red round halogen lights (1992 cars)

Some Mustangs had a Whelen Responder dash light in the rear window in addition to the round halogen lights.

'Hailer' found on the hood of all MSP cars.

Cars were equipped with dual chrome spotlights.

Minnesota State Patrol


Sho-Me No-Sho undercover halogen grill lights that light up red when turned on.

Five-O Emergency Products Emergency Beacon


Approved Technologies triple head red halogen light or Code 3 AS-2 dual red halogen light

Cars were not equipped with spotlights.

Nevada Highway Patrol

Whelen Mini Edge (1985)

Federal Signal Model 22 Aerodynic (Mini) (1986+)

Federal Signal Jetsonic (1990's cars)




Dual chrome spotlights. The passenger side spotlight had a red bulb.

New Mexico State Police


Red Par 46 Grote or Dietz Lights


Dual red & amber Federal Signalmaster SML2 lights

Single chrome spotlight

New York State Police

Red Whelen light bar with Low Pro speaker



Red round rear deck lights. Manufacturer unknown

Some cars had chrome spotlights. Some didn't have any spotlights.

North Carolina Highway Patrol



Blue halogen teardrop light

Code 3 Deckblaster Strobe

(One in windshield)

Blue Federal Signal Motorized (covers) lights (1988-1989)

Code 3 Deckblaster Strobe

(Two on rear deck)

Cars were not equipped with spotlights.

Pennsylvania State Police

Federal Vista - Only in 1992 on (1) Mustang, but eventually converted to an unmarked.


Smith & Wesson red pancake halogen light


Did not have a spotlight

South Carolina Highway Patrol

Whelen Edge strobe bar with Low Pro speaker

None None


Cars were not equipped with spotlights.

Texas DPS Highway Patrol

Some 1987-1990 Mustangs had a Code 3 lightbar. Clear with red/blue filters.

Red/Blue Jetsonic with a single amber filter on each side of the rear. Code 3 arrowsitck (1993)

1983-1984 had round PAR halogens.

Sho-Me style stainless halogen lights (1985)

Whelen Micro-Max strobes (1987-1993)

Whelen Responder (1983-1984)

Red Teardrop Halogen Light (1985-1986)

(Either Southern VP (SVP) or Federal Fireball)

1983-1984 had round PAR halogens.

Sho-Me style stainless halogen lights (1985-1990)


Dual chrome spotlights (1983-1989.1987 cars had single chrome spotlight., 1993 did not have spotlights).

Road Runner (wig-wag) headlight flashers.

Utah Highway Patrol

Whelen lightbar



Sho-Me style chrome halogen lights

Dual chrome spotlights with a driver side red bulb.

Wig-wag headlights


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