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Frisco Texas Police SSP Mustang - Gathering Parts



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The Frisco Texas Police SSP Mustang was bought as a rolling chassis. Therefore, it didn't have a motor or transmission. it also needed some interior items and a new front bumper cover.

I couldn't find any photos or information on the equipment used in the Mustang, but I was able to get photos and information on equipment that was being used by the Frisco Police Department in that time period (See Frisco Police Cruisers Past & Present).

With that in mind, I purchased the following items:

Motorola MCS2000 Radio

Code 3 V-Con Siren & Light Controller

Whelen Traffic Advisor

Whelen Dashmiser

Whelen Micro-Grill Masters (Just using the chrome housing. The other set is for the red/blue lenses and parts)

Frisco used large round strobes on the front bumpers of their full-size patrol cars. Other Texas departments such as Mesquite Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety used the Whelen Micro-Grill Masters, so I went with the Micro-Grill Masters.

Unity Spotlight

MPH BEE RADAR (along with the glass mounts for the existing window tabs on the Frisco Mustang)

Proper Texas Exempt license plates


New front bumper cover

1990 5.0L H.O. motor and transmission





SSP Central is in no way affiliated with the Frisco Texas Police Department

The Frisco Police Mustang displayed here is privately owned.



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