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Frisco Police SSP Ford Mustang - Interesting Things Found



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While evaluating the condition of the Frisco Police Mustang, a few interesting things were found:

Buck Tag:

Frisco Police buck tag - While some agencies may just say 'POLICE', this buck tag actually lists the ordering agency 'FRISCO POLICE'. The 6-digit DSO shows that it was a Dealer Special Order (DSO) through the Dallas Texas district office.

Overhead Console Outline:

The outline in the headliner shows that this car actually had an over head control console installed. Overhead consoles were introduced around 1989-1990, but police departments rarely installed them.

Here are some drawings from the original patent that can be seen HERE

Frisco Property Label:

Many agencies wrote an identifying number in the door jam, or attached it with plastic Dymo tape. Frisco Police actually placed an adhesive property tag inside of the glove box.

RADAR Mounts:

The windshield and rear window had mounting tabs on the drivers side for RADAR antennas.

Bullet Hole:

And the most interesting thing found - a bullet hole in the door frame above the drivers door. You can see it in the first photo where it went in, and where it came through and scraped the roof in the second photo.




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