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Frisco Texas Police Cruisers - Past & Present



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In the search to find information to rebuild the Frisco Police (FPD) Mustang, the first thing that needed to be established was what the car actually looked like while in service. Contacting the Police Department was helpful, but the Police department didn't have any photos of their old Mustang.

The photo above was received from Frisco's Police Chief through one of their Public Information Officers. Although the Police Department didn't have any photos of the Mustang, the Chief advised that the Mustang would have been marked similar to the cruiser in the photo. The Chief advised that the Mustang was later painted black and used by their Investigative Division. Note the Whelen lightbar, black push bumpers and chrome spotlight. The car also appears to have a video camera visible in the windshield just above the spotlight.

The Three photos below were provided by one of Frisco's Police Officers. They're close up shots providing more detail about the cruisers markings.

Frisco used those markings until around the mid-1990's. Frisco Police then switched to the blue and gold markings shown below. 

You can see the cruisers number on the roof just in front of the lightbar (above).

These cars also use a Whelen Lightbar, push bumper, and have black spotlights. All the cars from this point on have some type of amber light to the rear.  You can also see a rear mounted radar antenna in the window, and a video camera in the windshield.

Above is a photo of the type of equipment Frisco Police had in the cruisers in the late 1990's. This setup has since changed. Frisco Police has adopted a completely new radio system. In the photo you can see the mobile computer (and map/keyboard light), Stalker radar remote, Motorola MCS2000 radio, and a Code 3 V-Con siren/light controller.

Around 2003, the Frisco Police Department switched to their current cruiser markings.

You can see the the cruisers still use push bumpers, Whelen style light bars, and display the cruisers number on the roof.

The Frisco Police Department also uses 'slick top' cruisers. These cruisers have lights on the front push bumper and in the rear window, but don't have any lights on the roof. These cruisers have their numbers on the roof as well. It's not visible very well in the photo, but the cruiser above also has a light mounted inside the windshield to the right of the rear view mirror.

Since around 2001, all traffic cruisers have a rear facing amber directional bar to direct traffic. The slick top cars have it in the rear window. The cruisers with lightbars have it built in to the rear of the lightbar.

Not every Frisco Police cruiser is marked the same. Since the later part of the 1990's, Frisco Police has had specially marked cruisers used by the departments School Resource Officers. Each car is designed specifically for a specific school.

The shield on the door is from the departments old patch (below). The patched was changed to a newer style around 2005.

The Camaro below was owned by one of Frisco's former (retired) police officers. It was a 'Beat The Heat' Camaro raced at a drag strip.


The Frisco Police Mustang started out as a white marked cruiser, and was eventually painted black sometime after 1994. During the cars service with the Police Department, the department changed the looks of their cars a few times.

The purpose of rebuilding the Frisco Police Mustang is to:

1) Preserve it's history as a limited production Special Service Package police vehicle built by Ford.

2) Allow the general public to get an up close look at a unique, retired, police vehicle and see the type of equipment used by officers during the mid to late 1990's.

The research on the Frisco Police Cruisers will be used to rebuild the Mustang in a style that blends with other Frisco Police cruisers from the era, and to ensure as much period correct equipment is used as possible.

Special Thanks To Frisco Police:

Chief Todd Renshaw

Sgt. Adam Henderson

Officer Tom Presley

For providing information for this research.




SSP Central is in no way affiliated with the Frisco Texas Police Department

The Frisco Police Mustang displayed here is privately owned.



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