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The Colorado State Patrol Subaru STi



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You've probably seen this photo online and thought how cool it is that the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) uses Subaru's for patrol duty. The fact is, there's no evidence to show that they ever actually used these cars on patrol.

The story is that the car actually belonged to someone in CSP's photo department. The lightbar wasn't permanently mounted to the car, and the lightbar cable was ran in to the rear passenger window.

Also, the Colorado State Patrol uses their license plate to identify each car:

You can see that the patrol car shown above has CSP (Colorado State Patrol) 582 (car number) on the license plate.

Here's the Colorado State Patrol Subaru. Note that it uses a typical plate, not the CSP plate.


If you look at the arrow, you can see it appears to be pointing to a cable coming from the lightbar which would typically run through the roof.

So then where did the photo come from at the top of the page? It's most likely a staged photo for a campaign against street racing.

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