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The Ohio State Highway Patrol IROC-Z Camaro



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The first Chevy Camaro to come in to the Ohio State Highway Patrol's possession was actually a white Camaro that was confiscated as part of a drug seizure (circa 1990-1991). The car car didn't see any duty patrolling the roads, and was purely a public relations vehicle (parades, etc).


Not longer after, the Ohio State Highway Patrol would gain (3) more Chevy Camaro's, this time through auto title fraud investigation.

Of those three Camaro's, one would get sent to Cleveland's IS480 Patrol Post in Garfield Heights (circa 1992-1993), where it could be used for patrol duty. Since it was being used as more than a parade vehicle, the Highway Patrol Academy sent Sgt. V.S. Liggins to train the Troopers driving the car. There were eight Troopers assigned to the post (each with their own Ford Crown Vic), and the car was mostly used by two Troopers that took turns driving it on the afternoon (2pm-10pm) shift. 

This was at a time when other states were patrolling in Camaro's and SSP Ford Mustangs. It was short lived though. IS480 was a busy multi-lane interstate around Cleveland, and the car was only equipped with a mini Federal Jetstream lightbar. An IOC was written asking for additional lighting in the rear window for safety reason, and the car was pulled from regular patrol duty.

The IS480 Camaro (Car 2078):

This is the confiscated Camaro that patrolled IS480 around greater Cleveland.


Trooper J.C. Oaks (Retired)



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