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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 1986 Buick Regal T-Type 



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(The FBI Regal T-Type in a government impound lot in San Francisco)

There was a story about a FBI Buick Regal T-Type in California that was involved in a crash on the Golden Gate Bridge, and then sold at auction. The car was allegedly purchased at auction by an FBI agent that was eventually transferred to Iowa, where the agent sold the car to a Cedar Rapids mechanic.

In February 2012, SSP Central was contacted by the owner of that car and given photos and information on it.


This 1986 Buick Regal T-Type was (1) of (17) purchased by the FBI. The Regal was wrecked during a pursuit in California going across the Golden Gate Bridge. Since the vehicle was near the end of its service time, it was auctioned off in it's wrecked state in 1992, and sold for $1,900. The car was bought by an FBI agent who was eventually transferred to Iowa. The agent began taking the car to 'Jim's Tune Up' in Cedar Rapids and eventually sold the car to the owner, Jim Hamblin. The car eventually ended up in the ownership of David Willard, who restored the car.

Here is what the car looked like when David purchased it:

(Note the large sway bar)

(Rear control arms)

To learn more about this car, read the article below in 'Buick Stories'.

Miscellaneous Documentation:

Buick Stories Winter 2002 Article - "Former FBI Regal T-Type Rescued From Barn"

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Unknown Article

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Winning Bid Notice From Government Auction

Photos of the Buick after restoration:


Thank you to David Willard for sharing!




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